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Temporarily Disconnected: Cell Phone Woes

31 Dec

Cellphone LoveWe’re sorry, the number you dialed has been

temporarily disconnected… temporarily disconnected… temporarily disconnected…

Did you hear what I projected?

Has this come so unexpectedly?

Avoiding the signs?

Ridding them from the sim cards of your minds?

Fools driving ‘round here like they’re blind

Do you mind staying in your own lane and off my bumper?

All swerving over here

while I’m shooting the “don’t play with the stare”

when I pull up beside you or glare in my rearview mirror,

and there you have it!

Cell phone in hand up to the ear…

Cigarette, burger, lipstick in the other

Why am I not surprised?

Sometimes… sometimes

I wish I wasn’t so nice

and didn’t think twice about my actions.

So many times I just imagine

getting out of my ride

coming up to that idiot’s driver-side

and Errrr!

But that’s just not my demeanor;

how I wish I could be meaner.

Instead, I look off into the distance hoping the

jerk gets pulled over and hit with a hefty fine to pay.

Though I know that’ll be today.

I’ve witnessed cops driving the same exact way!

Got to face reality.

I “am” a minority

A dying breed

One of the few who can conceive

life without his cell phone.

People were once resistant to being accessible at all times;

now they’re insistent about always

keeping that radio wave contraption ring tone up

annoying people on the Septa bus

with their ear flashing

snugly fitted and glued deeply into their canals

making of deaf and oblivious to what surrounds them.

Awaiting that urgent call or emergency that rarely happens.

Find them in movie theaters talkin’ bout nothin’ and laughin’

No respect for other patrons!

expecting us to have patience

as they carried on a 15 minute obnoxious conversations!

Makes me want to yell out

“Why don’t you shut the…”

But uh… That’s not how it plays out.

I usually just pout and talk about how rude the person is to whoever’s with me.

It just gets me so teed off!

But even the person with me sometimes gets on my nerves

turning me into a person of few words.

As they accept call after call

when we’re supposed to be hanging out at the mall!

Everyone on your cells

got so much to say

but detached from the people who are right in their face



If you’d like to make a call

please hang up and try your call again.

If you need help,

hang up and dial your operator…

by Anonomz aka Tanya Harris


Ten Things I Accomplished in 2010

30 Dec

Oftentimes people establish New Year’s resolutions for the upcoming year but don’t take the time to reflect on what New Year’s resolutions they accomplished from the present year.  What did you set out to do in 2010? Did you accomplish your goals?

Tanya Harris aka Anonomz1. Consistently did Pilates and other aerobic exercises for at least three to five days a week for the entire year.  Got the flat abs down…just need a little more definition

2. It’s more than maintaining a healthy weight.  Having healthy eating habits is just as important: at least four servings of fruit and vegetables and tons of water 90 percent of the year.  Despite the backsliding around the major holidays, I’ve been doing really well with selecting healthy alternatives.

3. Refrained from watching television during the week days throughout the duration of the fall semester (August – December) in an effort to get more accomplished and it worked…it really worked!

4. Completed twenty-five poems and still counting…not to mention the handful of short stories.  Regularly entered poetry open mic nights and slams and came in first place three out of four slams.  Let’s see if I can make it to the National Slam in 2011 and submit some of the poems for publication. (Check some of them out on You Tube under Anonomz)

5. Began practicing meditation, which is far more difficult than I expected, and becoming more spiritually grounded through exploration and writing in my gratitude journal faithfully….I’m on my fourth composition book.

6. Vacationed in California for the first time: one of the many places on my push pin map of “Places I Must Visit”

7. Made it past the probationary period as a tenure track faculty member and came up with a fabulous tenure track project…just two years to go until I’m tenured!

8. Created a blog in December as part of my writing journey and effort to find me: ready for the lifelong journey.

9. Finally got engaged to the man I respect, adore and love: Hopeful that the marriage will be an accomplishment for 2011

10. Experienced an overall happy existence, surrounded by family, friends, students and colleagues.  Absolutely grateful to see and feel how much God has blessed me.  Looking forward to more in 2011.

Best wishes in the new year,


Ten Things I Miss About “Childhood” Christmas

24 Dec

Tanya Harris1. The annual tree farm day trip with the entire family to select and cut down our own Christmas trees is a distant memory.

2. No more perusing  the “Best” catalogue, Kiddie City and Toys “R”  Us circulars and folding down the pages of the toys and games I just have to have.

3. A hopeful letter to Santa just doesn’t serve the same purpose. Though the butterflies are still there when I see him in the mall, I’m beyond the age of excitably waving at him and taking a picture on his lap.

4. Decorating the Christmas tree and singing along to the Jackson Five Christmas songs isn’t the same.  The family togetherness I felt when I was younger is missing.

5. Gone are the days of attending the school’s Holiday Bazaar and making the ten to twenty dollars I saved really stretch in order purchase gifts for my family.

6. The absolute feeling of glee from watching every single Christmas television show, movie or special has sadly faded.

7. Baking cookies in the shapes of reindeer, Santa, Christmas trees, jingle bells and angels sprinkled with green and red sugar is not as fun without with my mom, sister and brother. Not to mention, the cookies are not especially made for Santa.

8. There’s no point in forcing myself to go to sleep early on Christmas eve in hopes of Christmas day coming sooner.  No late night conversations using the gift wrap rolls to talk through with my sister in the bed across from mine to express my anticipation.

9. Why run down the stairs with amazement no later than 4:00 a.m.? There are no gifts under the tree from Santa, and my cookies will remain untouched until I bring them over to my mother’s house.

10. Going over my maternal and paternal grandparents’ homes and playing with my cousins  and sharing Christmas morning stories  until the delicious Christmas lunch and dinners were ready hasn’t happened in years. Everybody has their own families now and have left the memories of Cabbage Patch Kids, Speak and Spells, Hand held games and Rubik’s Cube behind.  Well, I haven’t…

My dearest “Childhood” Christmas, I truly do miss you.

Love Always,


Do you have something you miss about “Childhood” Christmas?  Please feel free to share, and leave a comment.

Split Ends: Time for a Trim

23 Dec

Tanya HarrisThat’s it!

That’s it!

Really, I mean it this time.

I’ve had enough!

Matter of fact, you’re about to get cut off

if you don’t straighten up

there’s some issues I need to straighten out.

I get it…really I do.Tanya Harris

You’re tired of being manipulated

with my inability to be satiated

With whom you are…naturally that is.

I love you…really I do.

No, it’s not fair to you

that my love is far from unconditional,

But it’s not intentional…

Really it’s not.

It’s just that it’s difficult

Tanya Harriswhen I’ve been conditioned to be a certain way.

Well, the both of us have

This process…this process

Is conducive to my ambivalence

A split decision: I’m beyond disoriented.

Just relax for a minute or two.

Is that too much to ask?

Curled up so tightly,Tanya Harris

Why must you spite me?

That’s it!

That’s it!

I really mean it this time.

By Anonomz aka Tanya Harris

Give Me a Minute

23 Dec


The luminescent candle fills the room

difficulties with the lotus posture

still aggravatingly inflexible.

Back once more to the crossed leg position

Relax, relax; inhale the energy

exhale any distractions of the day.

Countless emails: I still need to respond

you know what, I forgot to call my mom

got to get that mac and cheese recipe.

Remember: wash clothes when this is over

Agh! Brain chatter is overwhelming me

gently intensifying with each breath.

Focus is what I must be doing now

permeate my pupil flickering glow.

Outside distractions: I mustn’t listen.

Take a deep breath in. Take a deep breath out.

Convince myself that I’m doing really well

meditating for about a minute.

by Anonomz aka Tanya Harris

Embarking on a Journey!!

21 Dec

Tanya HarrisHave you ever wondered why you are who “you are” or if you are doing what you “should” be doing with your life.  This is a pondering I have all too often.  I truly believe one of the best ways to address these questions is to utilize the gifts God has blessed me with in search for the answers.  I’ve always enjoyed writing poetry, short stories, teaching, acting, rapping, designing, basically anything that has to do with the creative arts.  This blog will be a forum for my many philosophical and spiritual musings and creative aspirations.

Please feel free to join me as I embark on this journey down the yellow brick road  to see the wizard as I know it will take multiple intelligences, a gracious heart and relentless courage.

Best regards,

Tanya Harris aka Anonomz

It’s a Wonderful Life…Isn’t It?

21 Dec

Tanya HarrisLast week, I finally watched the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life” in its entirety, and it really got me thinking about my life and the impact I have made thus far.  If only “my guardian angel” would whisk me away and let me see what other peoples’ lives would be like if I were never born. Often, I contemplate about how productive my life is and if I am truly making a difference…regardless of how small or large it may be.  An adage that resonates with my spirit proclaims, “Leave this world better than you found it.”  After watching the movie, I sat pensively pondering, “Am I in alignment with this statement?”  This is one of my philosophical and spiritual musings that will sadly not result in a definitive answer, but it did get me thinking about all of the wonderful people in my life who may not even know how they have influenced me.

So, I thought, why not spend a little time creating a brief list of acknowledgement.  Unfortunately, I am fully aware that there are just too many people to name without potentially leaving someone out resulting in a negative impression.  Of course, my family, dear friends, former teachers, students and colleagues have played major roles in helping me become the woman that I am today, but sometimes those people who may appear to cause harm also play key roles into giving me the wonderful life I have today.  Here are three people out of many who have influence my life:

Names have been changed to cartoon characters  for fun to protect the innocent or not so innocent for that matter*

Linus: At a former place of employment, this man caused me insurmountable grief.  Even though I was a hard worker, he referred to me as “an exception to the rule” because he believes (I hope he’s since had a change of heart and that it is now “believed”) that most Black people are lazy, and women are incompetent and should not be in positions of authority.  What’s so wonderful about this man?  Actually, he served a few purposes.  Firstly, he opened up my eyes making me aware that racism and sexism do still exist and that I mustn’t lose sight of this and take a stand when necessary.  Also, he forced me to become a risk taker and to test my faith of believing I can do all things with God on my side by leaving my position.  Thanks to his disdain for me,  I am where I am today!

Pooh: My first boyfriend was slicker than a sheet of ice during the blizzard of ’96, but I was in love and thought he could do no wrong.  He had his good qualities, but he took advantage of my pleaser tendencies and attempted to manipulate me in a multitude of ways.  It broke my heart when I found out he was getting extra cozy with girls from the job (I helped him get) and eventually got a girl pregnant.  Yes, he’s Mr. Wonderful too, and I do not say this sarcastically.  Never did I hold future suitors accountable for his transgressions, but he did help me to realize what I did want and did not want in a relationship and how both people must have the same goal.  Partly because of him, I have an even greater appreciation for the love I’ve found.

Grinch: This man, more times than not, made me feel like I wasn’t good enough and only acknowledged me in childhood and adulthood when it was convenient for him. Even though I do have a handful of good memories involving him,  most of them make me wonder how I was still able to become the person who I am today.  It’s amazing how life works!  As a result of biding for his affection, I worked even harder in school and in my work life hoping to hear the phrase uttered, “That’s my daughter” coupled with “I’m so proud of you” without hesitation of who may hear it said.  Why on earth is he so wonderful?  Well, of course, my mother’s role in my life would undoubtedly eclipse his.  However, without him, I do not think I would have as many accomplishments in hoping that it would be enough to make him happy with me.

On the surface, these examples may seem depressing and not worthy of posting.  Nevertheless, if I am able to get beyond the negativity and people who could have potentially made my life miserable, then why not share it with others.  Do you have a person or story of how someone impacted your life and made it what it is today?  Maybe it was me…Please feel free to share it.
Best regards,

Tanya Harris aka Anonomz