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Temporarily Disconnected: Cell Phone Woes

31 Dec

Cellphone LoveWe’re sorry, the number you dialed has been

temporarily disconnected… temporarily disconnected… temporarily disconnected…

Did you hear what I projected?

Has this come so unexpectedly?

Avoiding the signs?

Ridding them from the sim cards of your minds?

Fools driving ‘round here like they’re blind

Do you mind staying in your own lane and off my bumper?

All swerving over here

while I’m shooting the “don’t play with the stare”

when I pull up beside you or glare in my rearview mirror,

and there you have it!

Cell phone in hand up to the ear…

Cigarette, burger, lipstick in the other

Why am I not surprised?

Sometimes… sometimes

I wish I wasn’t so nice

and didn’t think twice about my actions.

So many times I just imagine

getting out of my ride

coming up to that idiot’s driver-side

and Errrr!

But that’s just not my demeanor;

how I wish I could be meaner.

Instead, I look off into the distance hoping the

jerk gets pulled over and hit with a hefty fine to pay.

Though I know that’ll be today.

I’ve witnessed cops driving the same exact way!

Got to face reality.

I “am” a minority

A dying breed

One of the few who can conceive

life without his cell phone.

People were once resistant to being accessible at all times;

now they’re insistent about always

keeping that radio wave contraption ring tone up

annoying people on the Septa bus

with their ear flashing

snugly fitted and glued deeply into their canals

making of deaf and oblivious to what surrounds them.

Awaiting that urgent call or emergency that rarely happens.

Find them in movie theaters talkin’ bout nothin’ and laughin’

No respect for other patrons!

expecting us to have patience

as they carried on a 15 minute obnoxious conversations!

Makes me want to yell out

“Why don’t you shut the…”

But uh… That’s not how it plays out.

I usually just pout and talk about how rude the person is to whoever’s with me.

It just gets me so teed off!

But even the person with me sometimes gets on my nerves

turning me into a person of few words.

As they accept call after call

when we’re supposed to be hanging out at the mall!

Everyone on your cells

got so much to say

but detached from the people who are right in their face



If you’d like to make a call

please hang up and try your call again.

If you need help,

hang up and dial your operator…

by Anonomz aka Tanya Harris