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Having Fun Like Squirrels Chasing Each Other Up and Down Trees on a Sunday Morning: Similes and Metaphors Exercise

23 Sep

If a person wants to be a body builder, it’s necessary to not only exercise but to eat healthy and to train properly when it comes to lifting weights.  If you to be a pro at any sport, you need to practice not just playing the game but different techniques and strategies that are going to play a significant role in how well you play the game.  Writing is definitely not an exception to the rule.  One of the exercises my practicum professor suggested that I do is to come up with similes and metaphors.  Even though it was fun, I must admit that I flexed some muscles I have not been using as frequently as I should.  I came up with thirty different similes and metaphors, and would like to share ten of them with you.  They may not all be the best, but it’s all in fun.

  1. Your love is a 366-day-old lottery ticket.
  2. You are the plucked gray hair no one will ever know about.
  3. Caught in your speed trap with an expired license.
  4. His words cut like a knife made out of play dough
  5. Cumbersome like Shaquille O’Neal walking a tightrope backwards in six-inch heels.
  6. I rise like a congratulations balloon escaping the grasp of a proud mother.
  7. Relieved like a rose escaping the snip leading to its wilting death.
  8. Count on me like an abacus.
  9. Hard as thirteen year old gum under high school desks
  10. Sorted out thoughts like a recycling center

If you have a fun simile or metaphor, please feel free to share.


All the best,


Tanya H. Franklin




The Ultimate Workshop: Discovering Me!

15 Sep

Tanya Harris Franklin aka AnonomzI just started an MFA program in Creative Writing for poetry, and a main component of one of the courses I am taking is participating in workshops where I provide feedback (I prefer the word feedback to criticism) on the work of my classmates, and they provide feedback, which I try not to take as harsh criticism, on my work.  Having someone look at my work, my heartfelt, overflowing-with-emotions work, has proven to be even more difficult than I expected.  I’ve always struggled with confrontation, shying away from it whenever possible, and in some weird way, I am being confronted about poems on which I have worked so diligently and hard to produce.  Last week, I submitted my first set of poems, and I am pleased to say the feedback was not as severe as I thought it would be; nevertheless, the differing opinions and suggestions and the picking apart of my poems line by line is a lot to process.  It has left me mentally depleted pondering over what feedback I should accept and which ideas I should discard.  Having a support system is wonderful, but how do I not lose my voice as a writer and not simply conform to what others think is best for my work or my writing style?

What’s interesting is that this dilemma has got me thinking about an ultimate workshop: discovering me.  An internal conflict I still struggle with in my everyday life is wanting the approval of others and upholding an image others deem appropriate or noteworthy.  My poems cannot and will not be everything to everybody.  Some people will be quite fond of them, and some people will loathe them.  Therefore, trying to figure out how I should revise my poems or if I should even revise them at all is a pinnacle moment leading to a huge turning point for me.  I am being forced to make decisions on my work, and there is no way around it.  As a result, I am discovering more about me and what I think is best based on other people’s insight.  This line of thinking extends well beyond my poetry, and with each passing day I am finding out a little more about myself, what I like and dislike and trying to figure out how to filter through the beneficial thoughts of others without getting caught up in what they think is best for me.  It will be a lifelong workshop, but I can already sense some growth occurring.

All the best,


My Favorite Costume

31 Oct

Tanya H. Franklin HalloweenWhat did I want to be for Halloween?
I HAD a favorite costume
Every year the same concept, slightly modified.
I couldn’t wait to try it on.
One year, a cowboy…not a cowgirl.
I’ll take the trousers, not the skirt.
Another year, an Indian chief
No Pocahontas for me!
After that, let’s try half man half woman.
Watch their eyes widen when they see me comin’
Ain’t that somethin’

So fascinated with dressing up like a man
But can’t understand why.
Was I showing early signs of being transgender?
I remember always being called a “tomboy.”
Did I have a affinity towards the look of a man?
I can admit that I’ve always found comfort in loosely fit clothing.
Looking back now, I think I have a clue.
Too many people to count, even strangers,
Which makes it stranger…
Remark about how I resemble my dad from his features to his gestures,
But these gestures enhanced the mark of resentment
My father had for having a female child in his likeness
Like this was something I could control,
Told on occasions, “Stop lookin’ like me!”
How frightening it was
To feel unloved at times.

But instead of shoving me in the other direction
with hatred festering
I sought out a way to fulfill his dream,
Or so it seemed.
I mean…I gleamed with excitement
as I looked at my reflection
knowing that I’d get my dad’s affection
with me hair tucked under my hat,
I just knew he was gonna like that!
Checking out my painted on mustache
And thick side burns

Took me years to learn that all attempts would be abortive.
Though my mom seemed supportive…
Shaking her head…
“You look just like your dad!”

By Tanya H. Franklin aka Anonomz

Sonnet #9: The Truth

10 Jul

Tanya Harris You are everything I want in a man.
In truth, you transcend what I imagined.
Let me satisfy you all that I can
take you on journeys you cannot fathom,
continually display what true love means
even if you may not often say it.
Reflections of you, my countenance beams;
many methods you use to convey it.
You genuinely care about how I feel.
Minds’ connected: my thoughts you complete.
To me my love you’re a wonderful thrill
I’m here to stay; I refuse to retreat.
Will still be in love beyond year ten;
married life I want with you to begin.

Tanya Harris aka Anonomz
Written for and Inspired by SPF

Sonnet #7: Hooked

1 May

Tanya Harris aka AnonomzYour resplendent nature leaves me enthralled
out of the ordinary one might say.
Came to me without a trawl
Unfaltering love for you every day.
Warm-hearted, chivalrous and caring too,
call me your committed doting lover.
You continually make our love feel new
promise me we’ll always have each other.
Boundless: my devotion towards us growing
can’t imagine tiring of your face
all of you, absolutely engrossing
There’s not one moment with you I’d erase.
Thinking about you leaves me elated.
Hope that you are just as captivated.

Tanya Harris aka Anonomz
Written for and Inspired by SPF

Sonnet #6: Who I Am

1 Apr

Tanya Harris aka AnonomzMy life is much more meaningful with you

the evoker of qualities in me.

A life-long bond what I want to pursue;

unleash who I truly am and be free.

Love how you accept me: no exceptions

make me feel proud to be in my own skin.

Focused on us, not people’s perceptions

eternally grateful my dearest friend

Love how you poke fun at my little quirks,

listen to my never-ending stories.

Easy on the eyes is one of the perks.

My love’s intense; fret not about furies.

On my life you left a permanent mark.

Honor and love overflow in my heart.

By Anonomz aka Tanya Harris
Written for and Inspired by SPF

Love for the Devil

30 Mar

People just need to admit that they’ve got love for the Devil.
Before you think my life must be disheveled
let me level with you.
I’m not a heathen;
I’ve got my reasons for this strong assertion.
By all means, I’m a spiritual person,
which is actually what got this thought picking at me,
Won’t rest: it’s what’s getting me to speak out.
No doubt, the devil has his place
in most religious doctrine
having bouts with God and his people, including me of course.
But what I’ve observed is how some folks treat the two
like they’re equal
giving this “Devil” what desires.
Cue the sanctimonious choir to bellow out
“The Devil is a liar!”
Of course, he is…but is he the only one?
Yes, we’re all guilty of telling a lie or two
omitting the truth,
but some people lie to themselves about how much
they want or even need the Devil in their lives
almost as much as they need God.
Sounds twisted don’t it?
Well, let me break it down for you.

Thank God for that new ride,
but rebuke the spirit of Satan as the repo men
hook your car up to the tow truck.
Made you get that Audi A6 hot off the lot
on a minimum wage pay check
Was it not you who failed to be circumspect?

Wow, look at how God moves!
Blessed you with the perfect spouse.
Shortly thereafter, calling out Lucifer
as the reason for your broken house.
Life is just not fair!
Forced you into having an affair
because you have no free will right?

Thank God for the job interview you thought you’d never get.
Stressing about receiving your last unemployment check.
Now you want to dance all over the Devil’s head.
Had you dead tired, hung over
celebrating the night before
for a job you ain’t even got yet!
Dancing on his head?
More like a warm embrace as you waltz through the
temple doors
letting him take the lead.
Sounds like that’s what you want to me.

Praise God, you dodged a bullet!
That’s all you need is one more mouth to feed.
But come next month
it’s all on the Prince of Demons
when your semen got you
caught up with baby mama number five

Just stop it!  I got it!
Who truly wants to experience shame?
Most look for a way to shift the blame.
Don’t give a second thought to God
teaching you a lesson
or that your so called mishap
might actually be a blessing.
Got to love that Devil!

by Anonomz aka Tanya Harris

Sonnet #10: You Plus Me Equals We

29 Mar

Tanya Harris aka Anonomz in front of Walnut Street Theatre

Endlessly, people search for perfect mates
hoping to find that instant connection.
Serendipity crossed: both our fates,
Souls brought together from inception.
Even if in soul mates you don’t believe,
deny not this insurmountable force.
Authentic it is. God would not deceive;
together He put us on the same course.
Identical, obviously we’re not,
though complementary to one another.
Let nobody separate what we’ve got
my confidante, dearest friend and lover.
It is with you whom I want to grow old.
Deep in our hearts cherished moments we’ll hold.

by Tanya Harris aka Anonomz
Written for and Inspired by SPF

Sonnet #5: Sensations

16 Feb

Tanya Harris aka Anonomz See my heart smile at the sound of your voice;
feel it flutter when you utter my name.
Your succulent kisses: gentle and moist
my feelings for you can barely be tamed.
Turn on when you rub my thigh when we drive
or you lovingly stroke through my tresses.
For my happiness you constantly strive;
I want all of you my heart confesses.
Amorous banter and romantic gazes
sensual moments: your hand meets my waist.
Truly in love, to me this amazes.
Scrumptious morsels of you I yearn to taste.
What an immeasurable attraction.
Need and want you, love you with a passion.

by Tanya Harris aka Anonomz
Written for and Inspired by SPF

Sonnet #1: First Encounter

14 Feb

Tanya Harris aka AnonomzYour voice alone puts a grin on my face;
the gentleman I must get to know.
Heart pulsates quickly awaiting the chase.
Where you are headed allow me to go.
Admit you like me by way of your smile
handsome lover, will you only be mine?
Your presence I want and say without guile.
Interconnected, our souls intertwined,
Embrace me with your eyes as we converse
at my lame jokes you let out a chuckle.
Alluring intellect has me immersed;
My forward nature leaves me quite blushful.
Enamored by you; please stay in my sight.
An urbane love like you would be just right!

Tanya Harris aka Anonomz

Written for and Inspired by SPF