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Love for the Devil

30 Mar

People just need to admit that they’ve got love for the Devil.
Before you think my life must be disheveled
let me level with you.
I’m not a heathen;
I’ve got my reasons for this strong assertion.
By all means, I’m a spiritual person,
which is actually what got this thought picking at me,
Won’t rest: it’s what’s getting me to speak out.
No doubt, the devil has his place
in most religious doctrine
having bouts with God and his people, including me of course.
But what I’ve observed is how some folks treat the two
like they’re equal
giving this “Devil” what desires.
Cue the sanctimonious choir to bellow out
“The Devil is a liar!”
Of course, he is…but is he the only one?
Yes, we’re all guilty of telling a lie or two
omitting the truth,
but some people lie to themselves about how much
they want or even need the Devil in their lives
almost as much as they need God.
Sounds twisted don’t it?
Well, let me break it down for you.

Thank God for that new ride,
but rebuke the spirit of Satan as the repo men
hook your car up to the tow truck.
Made you get that Audi A6 hot off the lot
on a minimum wage pay check
Was it not you who failed to be circumspect?

Wow, look at how God moves!
Blessed you with the perfect spouse.
Shortly thereafter, calling out Lucifer
as the reason for your broken house.
Life is just not fair!
Forced you into having an affair
because you have no free will right?

Thank God for the job interview you thought you’d never get.
Stressing about receiving your last unemployment check.
Now you want to dance all over the Devil’s head.
Had you dead tired, hung over
celebrating the night before
for a job you ain’t even got yet!
Dancing on his head?
More like a warm embrace as you waltz through the
temple doors
letting him take the lead.
Sounds like that’s what you want to me.

Praise God, you dodged a bullet!
That’s all you need is one more mouth to feed.
But come next month
it’s all on the Prince of Demons
when your semen got you
caught up with baby mama number five

Just stop it!  I got it!
Who truly wants to experience shame?
Most look for a way to shift the blame.
Don’t give a second thought to God
teaching you a lesson
or that your so called mishap
might actually be a blessing.
Got to love that Devil!

by Anonomz aka Tanya Harris