Sonnet #5: Sensations

16 Feb

Tanya Harris aka Anonomz See my heart smile at the sound of your voice;
feel it flutter when you utter my name.
Your succulent kisses: gentle and moist
my feelings for you can barely be tamed.
Turn on when you rub my thigh when we drive
or you lovingly stroke through my tresses.
For my happiness you constantly strive;
I want all of you my heart confesses.
Amorous banter and romantic gazes
sensual moments: your hand meets my waist.
Truly in love, to me this amazes.
Scrumptious morsels of you I yearn to taste.
What an immeasurable attraction.
Need and want you, love you with a passion.

by Tanya Harris aka Anonomz
Written for and Inspired by SPF


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