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Split Ends: Time for a Trim

23 Dec

Tanya HarrisThat’s it!

That’s it!

Really, I mean it this time.

I’ve had enough!

Matter of fact, you’re about to get cut off

if you don’t straighten up

there’s some issues I need to straighten out.

I get it…really I do.Tanya Harris

You’re tired of being manipulated

with my inability to be satiated

With whom you are…naturally that is.

I love you…really I do.

No, it’s not fair to you

that my love is far from unconditional,

But it’s not intentional…

Really it’s not.

It’s just that it’s difficult

Tanya Harriswhen I’ve been conditioned to be a certain way.

Well, the both of us have

This process…this process

Is conducive to my ambivalence

A split decision: I’m beyond disoriented.

Just relax for a minute or two.

Is that too much to ask?

Curled up so tightly,Tanya Harris

Why must you spite me?

That’s it!

That’s it!

I really mean it this time.

By Anonomz aka Tanya Harris


Give Me a Minute

23 Dec


The luminescent candle fills the room

difficulties with the lotus posture

still aggravatingly inflexible.

Back once more to the crossed leg position

Relax, relax; inhale the energy

exhale any distractions of the day.

Countless emails: I still need to respond

you know what, I forgot to call my mom

got to get that mac and cheese recipe.

Remember: wash clothes when this is over

Agh! Brain chatter is overwhelming me

gently intensifying with each breath.

Focus is what I must be doing now

permeate my pupil flickering glow.

Outside distractions: I mustn’t listen.

Take a deep breath in. Take a deep breath out.

Convince myself that I’m doing really well

meditating for about a minute.

by Anonomz aka Tanya Harris