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Ten Things I Accomplished in 2010

30 Dec

Oftentimes people establish New Year’s resolutions for the upcoming year but don’t take the time to reflect on what New Year’s resolutions they accomplished from the present year.  What did you set out to do in 2010? Did you accomplish your goals?

Tanya Harris aka Anonomz1. Consistently did Pilates and other aerobic exercises for at least three to five days a week for the entire year.  Got the flat abs down…just need a little more definition

2. It’s more than maintaining a healthy weight.  Having healthy eating habits is just as important: at least four servings of fruit and vegetables and tons of water 90 percent of the year.  Despite the backsliding around the major holidays, I’ve been doing really well with selecting healthy alternatives.

3. Refrained from watching television during the week days throughout the duration of the fall semester (August – December) in an effort to get more accomplished and it worked…it really worked!

4. Completed twenty-five poems and still counting…not to mention the handful of short stories.  Regularly entered poetry open mic nights and slams and came in first place three out of four slams.  Let’s see if I can make it to the National Slam in 2011 and submit some of the poems for publication. (Check some of them out on You Tube under Anonomz)

5. Began practicing meditation, which is far more difficult than I expected, and becoming more spiritually grounded through exploration and writing in my gratitude journal faithfully….I’m on my fourth composition book.

6. Vacationed in California for the first time: one of the many places on my push pin map of “Places I Must Visit”

7. Made it past the probationary period as a tenure track faculty member and came up with a fabulous tenure track project…just two years to go until I’m tenured!

8. Created a blog in December as part of my writing journey and effort to find me: ready for the lifelong journey.

9. Finally got engaged to the man I respect, adore and love: Hopeful that the marriage will be an accomplishment for 2011

10. Experienced an overall happy existence, surrounded by family, friends, students and colleagues.  Absolutely grateful to see and feel how much God has blessed me.  Looking forward to more in 2011.

Best wishes in the new year,