My Life Resume: The Career Journey Decade One (From Age 0 – 10)

11 Oct

What do you think about as your birthday approaches?  Do you think about getting one year older?  Do you think about all of the hopes and dreams you have yet to accomplish.  Yes, I’m guilty of having those thoughts, but I also think about all that I have accomplished and the wisdom that I have attained as a result of getting older.  Presently, I am an English professor, and I enjoy teaching and playing a role in the successful careers of my students.  Also, I take pleasure in writing poetry and short short stories.  One day, I actually hope to publish a book and even a memoir.  So I thought why not use my birthday week to review my life resume by exploring where  I have been on my journey thus far?

The Career Journey: Decade One

Tanya Harris Franklin

Primary Grade School: By the time I was in second grade, I volunteered to help tutor the younger children.  Even though there was no monetary payment involved, I knew then that I wanted to be a teacher some day.

Primary to Secondary Grade School: From third grade until about sixth grade, I assisted my grandmother with the daily routines, such as setting up snacks, serving food and playing games with children at her family daycare.  During the summer, I was paid $25 a week when I was in third grade, and that was “good” money!

Middle School: Going to school was a necessity, but maintaining straight A’s and B’s was hard work at times. One of the incentives I received for doing well in school was a stipend from the White-Williams Scholar Foundation for $135 – $200 a month.  With each grade level, the amount of money increased.  My hard work was paying off.

What do you know??? I was already on the pathway to being a teacher at a very young age, but the second decade of my life definitely did present some alternative paths that I could have taken.  Do you ever think about how you ended up where you presently are?  Give it some thought. Please feel free to share.
Best regards,  Tanya H. Franklin


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