Profound Hip Hop Quote: Week #6

12 Feb

“Love, life, music: this is what it sounds like.
Letting the good times overshadow the bad,
as long as we alive, that’s a reason to be glad
Love, life, music: this is what it feels like.
Many ways to die one way to live,
turn negative into positive.”

—Nicolay featuring Eye Plus Eye, “Love Life Music (Remix)”

What is love?  What does it feel like?  What does it sound like?  Is it always about romance?  With Valentine’s day approaching, I thought it would be appropriate to select a song that addresses love in some way.  At first, I wanted to use a romantic rap song, which is difficult to find these days.  Then it occurred to me that love is more than romance, and perhaps we’ve gotten too caught up in the commercialization of Valentine’s Day focusing our attention more towards the expectations of cards, hearts, flowers, chocolates, dinner, jewelry, etc.

The first time I heard Nicolay’s CD “The Dutch Masters Volume I” I was drawn to the mellow, melodic sound and authentic beats and was then initially introduced to one of the featured artists Eye Plus Eye.  His lyrics are so simple yet so profound.  Instead of the common phrase, “Live, Life Love,”   or “Love, Life, Laughter,” which can be found on many types of decor, he rearranges the order and includes music as an essential part of his life.  I’ve always been extremely fond of music because it has often worked as the catalyst for my thoughts, actions and life.

The lyrics of this particular song suggest that we let the good times overshadow the bad. Conversely, many of us harp over the little things and do not acknowledge the many blessings bestowed upon us.  Are you getting so caught up in how much you “hate” the snow during the winter instead of loving the fresh air and the ability to actually shovel snow while others are bedridden or cannot even walk?  Are you bitter and angry because you have “no one” special in your life to love you  or believe that your life has nothing but negativity?  Have you ever taken the time to fall in love with yourself and with life?  Perhaps you’re not as alone as you think and have not reached out to your family and friends who may feel just as lonely or dissatisfied with their lives.

Love is about more than romance; isn’t it?  Everything may not be perfect in your life; I know it is not in mine.  But I am constantly learning and have been making the effort to embrace spirituality while controlling my thoughts and actions, thereby leading me to a more positive existence.  Negative versus positive: It’s all about perception right?   This is a journey we all must take.

Please feel free to share your thoughts

~Anonomz aka Tanya Harris

Bonus English Lesson:

Nicolay & Eye Plus Eye’ title for this track allows for an excellent lesson on the significance of the comma and how it can change the meaning of a phrase or sentence.   The title, “Love Life Music” includes no commas; interestingly though, if one was to insert a comma after “life” it would give the impression that the song is about a person’s “love life” versus each word standing on its own yet collectively representing something more.


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