I Want You

8 Feb

Whew, you look so good
smell even better.
This is one zealous attraction,
but you’re no good for me
“Too cheesy:”  the reference some might use.
I try to leave you alone,
but I can’t get enough.
It is you who has captivated me
wherever I am,
your scent
your aroma
lingers in as I take a breath.
Instantaneously, I want you.
A deluge of salivation comes over me.
Tasting you is imminent.
Too hot for others
just right for  me.
Let me slice into you
unwilling to share with others.
Reminisce about so many good times with you
as I wrap you around my tongue
with juices flowing down my arm.
Gluttonous I am,
but man
you’re some good pizza.

By Anonomz aka Tanya Harris


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