Profound Hip Hop Quote: Week #3

22 Jan

“Life ain’t meant to come around twice. Yeah, that’s why I gotta get it right!
They say I got it honest; now I gotta give it light. But sleep on it; that’s why God give you night!”

—Lupe Fiasco, “Real”

It was about four years ago that I heard Lupe Fiasco’s CD Food & Liquor. I was enlightened and found many of his lyrics to be thought-provoking. Specifically, “Real” encompasses so many profound lines, but the ones I resonated with the most were about life and God’s role in our lives.  Regardless of your religion, if you believe in heaven, hell, or reincarnation, you are who you are in this life for a distinctive reason.  Actually, I don’t know the reason why I am who I am or why I am here; perhaps you don’t either. Nevertheless, we must all make wise choices and be cognizant in our day-to-day actions. Nobody is perfect, including me of course. But I am constantly thinking about how my decisions and actions not only impact my life but the lives of others and try to conduct myself accordingly, which is not always the easiest feat.  Do you think before you speak or act?  Do you consider how what you are doing today may not just impact your tomorrow but may impact your next week or possibly next year or even the next week or next year of someone else’s life?

Lupe Fiasco also addresses what he “got honest” from God and sharing it with others by giving “it light.” Do you think about the gifts God has blessed you with and how you are utilizing them for the greater good?  Think about it…today only comes around once…bringing us all one day closer to the end of our lives on Earth.  I want to make sure that I am sharing my gifts and talents with the world  and hope to leave it better than when I first got here.  How about you?

Life is a journey for us all, and as much as we would like to get it right, we might have some missteps along the way.  Perhaps what we consider to be missteps are actually leading us in the right direction.  Wow, that’s something to ponder!  Regardless of where you are presently, all hope is not lost; focus on the positive as the story and journey of your life unfolds.  I’m right there with you on my journey too.  As Lupe Fiasco says, “But sleep on it; that’s why God gives you night!”

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Bonus English Lesson:

Lupe Fiasco’s line “That’s why God give you night” is an example of incorrect subject verb agreement. It actually should be “God gives…”Oftentimes in rap lyrics and in many types of creative writing, the writer may employ grammatical errors because it is the vernacular of the writer or the persona or it has a better flow or sound because of the syllables or meter in the line.  Keep in mind that many rappers who are well-versed and considered lyricists tend to familiarize themselves with the standard grammar rules prior to breaking the rules in their lyrics.


2 Responses to “Profound Hip Hop Quote: Week #3”

  1. DylanMichele January 26, 2011 at 11:58 pm #

    Love it!!

    • Anonomz January 27, 2011 at 5:17 am #

      Thanks for the love Dylan Michele : – )

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