Profound Hip Hop Quote #33: Greatest Story Never Told

4 Sep

“Lo and behold, “Greatest Story Never Told”
Chapter 1, Verse 1, the genesis of my scroll
Is realer than 9/11, I rhyme about lyin’ reverends
While showin’ ’em total respect to the big guy in Heaven
I rap about politicians how money’s their acquisition
To get it they gotta keep us without a pot to piss in

—“Greatest Story Never Told” by Saigon

SaigonEverybody has a story to tell.  As a matter of fact, people often refer to their lives as stories.  What makes for a great story?  There must be a well-thought-out plot, interesting characters, an appropriate setting, an established theme, etc. to bring the story to life.  However, there is one literary attribute that oftentimes goes overlooked: the point of view.  From whose perspective is the story being told?  This aspect cannot only change the purpose of the story, but it can also determine what information is or is not relayed and with whom the reader identifies or empathizes with the most.  There will always be a point of view of a story that remains unexposed.  This could possibly be “The Greatest Story Never Told.”

Saigon, born Brian Daniel Carenard, ( is a witty rapper who hails from Brooklyn and has no problem recalling stories from his past, present and where he’s headed in the future.  I became familiar with him through “Scratch” magazine back in 2006 and have been an avid listener of his mix tapes and street albums ever since.  In 2011, Saigon’s Studio album “The Greatest Story Never Told” debuted, and I am happy to report that the album is a must-have in any true hip-hop collector’s arsenal.

Of course, the beat, produced by Just Blaze, captivated me, but as I listened intently to the lyrics I was entranced.  In these specific lyrics, Saigon exposes those leaders whose stories people readily believe or not.  Saigon wants listeners to acknowledge that there is always another point of view: the untold story.  For example, he says, “I rhyme about lyin’ reverends while showin’  ’em total respect to the big guy in heaven.” On many occasions, people believe the stories they are told because of the source.  Sadly, some people of the cloth can be the most deceptive  because they know that their “flock” will accept their stories as truth because they are supposed to be spiritual leaders.

Furthermore, Saigon proclaims, “I rap about politicians how money’s their acquisition.  To get it they gotta keep us without a pot to piss in.”  Most people, even politicians themselves, will admit that there is corruption in the political system which often stems back to money and power.  During election time, a plethora of advertisements are on TV, the radio and even online encouraging voters to “Vote for me; I’m the best candidate for the people!”  The hope is that there are some honest politicians out there who truly want the best for their citizens, but who knows what story or point of view to really believe?

Another interpretation to consider with the concept of “The Greatest Story Never Told” is coming back full circle to your own story.  Sometimes we allow others to tell our stories or are too afraid to start new chapters, get rid of or add certain characters, or possibly change the setting of our story for a better ending.  Presently, some people may feel that their stories are horrible and not worth sharing, while others hope their stories never end.  Even though listening to the stories of others and even being a part of their stories can be essential, we mustn’t allow our own lives and aspirations to be “The Greatest Stories Never Told.”

Please feel free to share your thoughts

~Anonomz aka Tanya H. Franklin

Bonus English Lesson:
Saigon, along with many other rap artists, has chosen to drop the “g” from the gerunds in his song.  For example, instead of “lying” it’s lyin’, and instead of showing it’s showin‘.


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