Profound Hip Hop Quote #11: Special Women’s History Month Edition

19 Mar

“Truly when I get involved I give it my heart
I mean my mind, my soul, my body I mean every part
But if it doesn’t work out, yo it just doesn’t
It wasn’t meant to be you know, it just wasn’t”

—MC Lyte, “Paper Thin”

Relationships can be wonderful and even magical at times, but they do take a lot of work and must have a solid foundation to be everlasting.  Do you play games in relationships, or do you take them seriously.  Perhaps the person with whom you are in a relationship with is playing games as you give it your all to make it work.  Sometimes we give everything to people who do not deserve it at all or are simply not ready for it.  When this occurs, do you stay in the unhealthy relationship or move on with your life?

In honor of “Women’s History Month,” I would like to acknowledge a spectacular female lyricist who not only paved the way for female MCs who preceded her but also held her own in the presence of many male contenders.  MC Lyte aka Lana Michelle Moorer is one of the most powerful female rappers of the 1980s and 90s.  Even in 2011, many female artists aspire to have rhyming skills and a stage presence that she has.

In “Paper Thin,” MC Lyte raps about a predicament that several people find themselves in all too often: a relationship quickly unraveling because of infidelity.   Even though both men and women cheat, it is usually the woman who decides to stay in the relationship and work it out despite witnessing all of the signs that suggest his cheating ways will not be a thing of the past.  MC Lyte refuses to tolerate such behavior and proclaims that she will not be in a relationship where it is not an equal partnership.  She is willing to give her all, but she is also willing to walk away from a toxic relationship if it just is not meant to be.

Perhaps we all need to be more discerning when deciding to give our mind, body and soul to that “special” someone.  Have you ever tried to force a relationship to work when it apparently had run its course?  As MC Lyte says, “But if it doesn’t work out, yo it just doesn’t.  It wasn’t meant to be you know, it just wasn’t.”  If you find yourself in this predicament, why not use this time to feel more comfortable with yourself and know who you truly are before giving all of yourself to the next “special” someone.  As a result, you could eventually find yourself in an everlasting relationship with not just that “new” someone else but with yourself.

Don’t let this Women’s History Month go by without expressing yourself by paying homage to those women who have impacted you directly or indirectly.

Please feel free to share your thoughts

~Anonomz aka Tanya Harris

Bonus English Lesson:
MC Lyte use the standard couplet rhyme for these specific lyrics.


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