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Thanks “Snow” Much!

15 Feb

Quinn and Tanya Franklin in the SnowNot too long ago, I published a post entitled, “I’m for all seasons.” Needless to say, after several snow storms in the Philadelphia, PA region, I’m all for spring making its appearance with blossoming daffodils, birds chirping and temperatures calling for just a lightweight jacket. The reality is, however, that we still have a month and a half or more of possible snow and frigid temperatures. Instead of sharing my disdain for the aggravation and inconvenience this snow has caused, I’ll share a few tips I’ve learned as I focus on the beauty of this winter wonderland.

  1. When choosing to shovel a neighbor’s snow or anyone else’s snow, do it because you want to not because you expect it to be reciprocated or even expect the person to show gratitude in return. When you expect it to be reciprocated or for the person to be gracious, and he or she is not, this may lead to bitterness and tension. Who needs that when we are already dealing with the winter blues the “never ending snow” may be causing us?
  2. Instead of suffering from cabin fever or moaning and groaning about all of the snow, search for the kid within. Get out there and build a snowman or even a snow family if you have a lot of snow. Not only can it be a fun activity if you have children, but it can help clear some of the snow out of the way, especially if you live on a street where there is not much room to put the snow you shoveled.
  3. If you are cooped up in the house because of a snow day from school or work and it’s just too cold to go outside, use it as an opportunity to spend time with your loved ones or even to catch up on a task.
  4. Remain positive, and be even more willing to help those in need. Today, I went to visit my mother with my baby girl, and my car tires got stuck on a patch of snow mixed with ice as I attempted to get in a parking spot. As I used my emergency shovel to break up the ice around my tires, not one, but two people were kind enough to help. I truly did appreciate their kindness and will make sure to pass it on.
  5. Driving in the snow allows you to practice patience. A few weeks ago, I was driving home from my job during a snow storm. A commute that usually takes me around 45 minutes took a little over three hours. Yes, it was frustrating, but the experience allowed me to work on being more patient and to practice some of my Spanish Rosetta Stone audio lessons too.
  6. There are some people who may never get to experience the snow, so try to embrace the experience. Hating the snow is not going to make it go away, so try your best to focus on the positive.

Though many of us are longing for fun in the sun, remember, we learn and grow the most through adverse situations. What has the snow taught you?

All the best,



Ten Things I Miss About “Childhood” Snow Days

27 Jan

Tanya Harris aka Anonomz in the Snow1. Trying to catch snow on my tongue.  If I tried that now people would look at me like I was crazy.

2. Full body snow suits.  Even though they might have been a hassle putting on and taking off, they really kept me warm and helped making snow angels much easier.

3. Snowball fights with the neighborhood kids was always fun.  Now most kids have simulated snowball fights on their Wii or Xbox.

4. Attempting to build the biggest  snowman ever.  Today, I just created a big mountain of snow by digging out my car.  Looking at  my hard work is cool, but it’s just not the same.

5. Homemade snow cones with fresh-fallen snow and a fruit punch Kool-Aid pack.  I know I’m not the only one who did this…am I?

6. Sledding at the neighborhood park with the sturdy wooden sleds with handles on the side.  It was so much fun, but  now I’m concerned about sliding down hills or getting stuck while trying to go uphill in my car.

7. Playing hide and go seek in the snow by tracking people’s boot prints.  It was always fun trying to throw someone off the tracks by either covering my tracks or walking all over the place.

8. Helping my mom and grandmother shovel the sidewalk while sneaking a taste or two of fresh snow…yes, I confess… I was addicted to eating snow when I was younger.

9. Simply admiring the beauty of the neighborhood turned into a winter wonderland rather than have parking spot wars with cones, chairs, recycling bins and anything else people use to hold spots.

10.  Homemade hot chocolate with tons of marshmallows prepared and served with love by my mom after playing out in the snow for hours. Yes, I can make it for myself, but it’s just not the same, and it’s usually not after playing in the snow for hours.

I can’t wait to have these experiences when I have children.  Let’s hope they want to do more than play video games and watch TV.

Do you have any snow day childhood memories?  Please feel free to share.

All the best,

Tanya Harris aka Anonomz