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It’s Hard Out Here for a Mom!

2 Nov

2013-10-26 09.24.14I cannot believe my baby girl will be six months tomorrow.  This past half year has been full of excitement, and I am truly embracing motherhood.  Prior to even becoming pregnant, some people would say with sarcastic tones in their voices , “Wait until you become a mother!” or ask, “Are you sure you want to be a mother?”  Though I thrive on being positive and have never questioned whether or not I made the right decision becoming a mother, there is no denying that it can be hard out here for a mom!  I think about how blessed I am to have a flexible teaching schedule  that allows me to spend most of the week with my daughter.  It saddens me to know that many mothers do not have that luxury.  In order to provide for their children, some mothers must work from very early in the morning until late in the evening only seeing their children for dinner, bath and bedtime, sometimes not even for those daily routines.

Having the support of my husband and extended family makes me have an even greater admiration for mothers who are raising their children alone and doing everything in their power to make it work.  Something that always amazes me is how some single mothers make raising children look so easy and almost effortless.  Kudos to you all, and keep putting in that hard work!  I am sure you will reap what you sow within your children 😉

All the best,



Lucky Number: Seven Baby!

21 Jun

Tanya Franklin and Quinn FranklinSince my last post, I’ve embarked on the ultimate journey: motherhood!  On May 3, 2013 at 2:20 am I gave birth to a healthy 8 pound girl named Quinn Victoria Franklin which was just seven weeks ago.  Within that time, I have learned so much and attained a great deal of knowledge from the many baby websites.  Somehow, I made this connection to the movie “Wizard of Oz” and how Dorothy did not want to go on her journey in search of the wizard on her own, and happily invited the scarecrow, tin man and lion to accompany her.  I am grateful to have my husband, mother, sister and dear relatives and friends to accompany me on this journey and offer guidance, but I am fully aware that there will be times when I will need to figure it all out on my own.  Being a new mother is rewarding yet quite challenging and overwhelming, so I’d like to share seven things I’ve picked up along the way thus far to hopefully help others not stray from the “yellow brick road.”

  1. Sleepless nights: If you are bottle feeding with breast milk or formula, make the feedings closer together in the evening so that the baby will sleep longer.  My baby was feeding every two hours twenty four hours a day.  After increasing the amount  and spacing out the feedings during the day by three to three and a half hours and making the last two feedings in the evening two hours apart, she has finally started sleeping better throughout the night.
  2. Upset stomach and/or hiccups:  Gripe water, which is available at a local drug store or on Amazon, works wonders.  Quinn tends to get the hiccups regularly making it difficult for her to sleep, and after giving her gripe water, they disappear immediately.  It also helps to soothe her upset stomach.
  3. Diaper Explosions: Quinn has already had her fair share of diaper explosions or decided to go as I was changing her diaper.  Yes, she’s my baby, and I love her, but I do not love dealing with poo.  My husband is really good about handling those diapers for me.  Even though one might argue that it is not eco friendly, I have been using throwaway pads available through Amazon.  It makes the cleanup process much easier and less messy than cleaning cloth covers.
  4. Cabin Fever:  Though I am still suffering some from cabin fever, I’ve found that just sitting outside on the porch or deck is a great way for both the baby and me to get some fresh air.
  5. Exercise:  Prior to having the baby, I worked out regularly and went jogging almost everyday, so now that she is here, how do I get back into the rhythm of working out when she requires my attention.  Taking a brisk walk for two or three miles pushing her in the stroller has been invigorating, but what about when it’s raining outside?  Though I intend on eventually joining a mommy and me yoga or exercise class, what can I do when that is not an option or if I just want to workout at home?  I ordered “Happy Baby Workout” through Amazon, and it is awesome.  I definitely feel it working to help me get back that pre-pregnancy body, and it allows me to interact with Quinn and to stimulate her development.  Though the baby taking part in the workouts is six months, much older than Quinn, I just modify some of the exercises to accommodate  her lack of neck an head control, and she seems to enjoy it.
  6. Support: I am a “type A” personality as well as a perfectionist and tend to want to do everything on my own.  I learned very quickly that it is okay to ask for help, and it is essential to have a strong support system when raising a child, especially caring for a baby.
  7. Share: I have been learning to share my experience with others and to listen to the wisdom of  others which adds to the support and helps to make  this journey smoother.  You never know how many people are going through or have went through the same thing and can offer advice.

My home has definitely evolved with the presence of a baby, but I know I have the brain, heart, courage and support to  travel this journey of motherhood.  Please feel free to share any advice you have as we take this journey together.