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Thanks for Giving: Ten Things for Which I’m Grateful

24 Nov

Tanya Harris FranklinWhen is the last time that you reflected on the positive moments and people in your life?  How often do you think about all for which you are grateful?  Of course, Thanksgiving is more than just turkey and football, and for those who are familiar with the history of Thanksgiving might scoff at the idea of observing a time that eventually lead up to the demise of many natives of the land which we call the home of the free.  Nevertheless, this is also a time to express gratitude and even help those in need and show them how much they  are appreciated.

Even though I actually have been keeping a gratitude journal for the past few years, I’d like to take this time to express my gratitude and rejoice in  all that God has blessed me with to anyone who will listen (or in this case read) with a general list.

  1. Spirituality:  Not only to want a spiritual connection but to actually have a spiritual connection and relationship with God is awesome.  Sometimes there’s so much  going on in our lives that we do not stop to talk with God and try to handle everything on our own.  It’s nice to know that even when no one else is around, God is.
  2. Life: I am grateful to be alive.  Some people I know complain about life and utter the phrase, “Life’s a b***h” or “Life is hell on earth.”  But I am a fond believer that life is what you make it.  Why can’t life be a “bowl of cherries?”  I truly am grateful for all that this journey of life encompasses: The good and the bad which can be peeled back to display the good.
  3. Family and friends:  Having family and friends who support and love me and have time for me, regardless of how few or many there may be, keeps me motivated and brings happiness to my life.
  4. Love:  There were times throughout my life when I did not feel loved nor did not even think that I deserved to be loved.  However, as I matured and grew to love myself, the love that I have been receiving from others has not only lifted my spirit but made me even better at displaying my love for others.
  5. Career:  Having a career that I absolutely love and being able to have a positive impact on those with whom I come in contact is a wonderful feeling.
  6. Cognizance:  No, I do not know everything, but I am extremely grateful for the knowledge I do possess and always try my best to use that knowledge to not only improve myself but to be a positive influence on others too.
  7. Ambition:  Does ambition come from within, or is it something we are taught?  I think it could be a combination, but I certainly am glad that I am an ambitious person.  Without ambition, there is no way that I would be where I presently am in life, and I am confident that this ambition will benefit me in the years to come.
  8. Second Chances:  When it comes to certain occurrences in life, there are no do overs.  However,  I am extremely grateful for second chances and for the motivation to try again when I think about how many mistakes I have made throughout my life.
  9. Nature’s Beauty:  There are instances when I am on the go, feeling down or even in a good mood, and I stop, even if for a moment or two, to observe nature’s beauty.  To see the beautiful blue sky and fluffy clouds and the colorful foliage this time of the year is a lovely landscape view.
  10. Gratitude:  It might sound silly or a bit redundant, but I’m grateful to have so much gratitude.  There are people who really have to search their hearts and minds to think about why they should be grateful, and I am blessed  to have an bountiful list of reasons.

Please feel free to share that for which you are grateful.

All the best,

Tanya H. Franklin